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Hostels :
Separate Hostels for boys and girls are available within the campus with a capacity of 250 boys and 100 girls. There are two seaters, three seaters and four seaters for boys; and two seaters and three seaters for girls. The rooms are provided with attached bath rooms and each student will be provided with a cupboard to keep his valuables. Rectors for both the hostels live inside the hostels for better supervision and coordination.
Messing :
Each Hostel is having separate messing facilities and healthy diet is served to the students keeping the hygiene, balanced nutrition in mind. Only vegetarian food is served with varying menu to keep the taste buds satisfied. It is compulsory for the hostelites to dine in the mess. The charges are on no profit-no loss basis.
Diversity :
The hostel life is cosmopolitan and about half the residents are from States other than Maharashtra. As such the student is exposed to various cultures and living habits so that he would develop a wide knowledge about the society. He would project a cosmopolitan outlook towards life.
Fitness and Sports :
Physical fitness of the students is given due importance following the dictum that healthy body provides healthy mind. Various indoor and outdoor games are provided. Each hostel is given gym facilities. The students routinely participate in Inter-collegiate sports, adventure sports, trekking etc.
Public Service :
There are many opportunities at SGI for students to engage in service to the community – through blood donation, advocacy campaigns or working with NGOs, helping police to control traffic etc. Students are encouraged to take up community service by joining the community service projects, to give back to the community.
National Cadet Corps :
The objective of NCC is to develop character, comradeship, ideals of service and capacity for leadership among youth in India. The NCC unit at SGI was started in 2009 for the boys and girls under the guidance of No. 3 Air Squadron NCC. Apart from taking part in NCC activities the parades during Independence Day and Republic Day at SGI are memorable.
Personality Development :
The students are provided training on a variety of modules like: Communication Skills, Soft Skills, Employability Skills, and Personality Development Sessions. Ample opportunities are provided to students to improve their skills by providing guest lectures from experts, conducting specific workshops and seminars.
Medical Facilities :
The students are referred to a number of specialist doctors as and when required. Group Medical Insurance is taken for the benefit of the students.

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