CBSE : 1st to 7th

The CBSE Board was set up to achieve certain interlinked objectives

The main objectives of the CBSE were those of: serving the educational institutions more effectively and to be responsive to the educational needs of those students whose parents were employed in the Central Government services or Other Transferable services and their job requires periodic transfer of services from one place to another and had frequently transferable jobs across the country.

  • To prescribe conditions of examinations and conduct public examination at the end of Class X and XII . To grant qualifying certificates to successful candidates of the affiliated schools.
  • To fulfill the educational requirements of those students whose parents were employed in transferable jobs.
  • To prescribe and update the course of instructions of examinations
  • To affiliate institutions for the purpose of examination and uplifting of the academic standards of the country.

Department Contact Info

CBSE (1st to 7th)

S.No.85 Shashtri Campus, NDA Road, Shivane, Pune (411023) Maharashtra.


The prime focus of the Board is on

  • Innovations in teaching-learning methodologies by devising students friendly and students centered paradigms.
  • Reforms in examinations and evaluation practices.
  • Skill learning by adding job-oriented and job-linked inputs.
  • Regularly updating the pedagogical skills of the teachers and administrators by conducting in service training programmes, workshops etc.

Integrated Curriculum

Our Vision

Instill discipline enabling Prestigions to undertake challenges of modern society and transform students into responsible citizens.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower children with the best of competitive education coupled with human values. Just like a sculptor carves painstakingly a sculpture, We have a mission to transform students to be creative, qualified & responsible citizens.
We choose to develop a child’s intellect so that he/she can consider the array of choices that are in front of them and judiciously, unerringly & conscientiously be bold enough to make their own decisions. At Prestige Public School, we strive by integrated approach for the development of intellectual curiosity, personality & moral conduct.”


Class I to VII

  • A thematic approach is designed to stimulate the children through various interactive sessions and activities.
  • Use of teaching aids to supplement classroom teaching.
  • Project work in class calls for mass participation. An equal emphasis is laid on developing a strong sense of individuality. Field trips and excursions make learning fun.
  • Use of the newspaper articles, quizzes, crosswords and other learning tools to enhance general awareness.

Why Us ?

  • Experienced Teachers.
  • Student Centric Learning
  • Airy Spacious Classroom
  • Hi-Tech Computer Labs
  • Instilling Creativity & Value Based Education